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Conference talks


  • ECIO 23rd European Conference on Integrated Optics. Ghulinyan, Mher: A high-index SiON integrated photonic-electronic platform for quantum technologies (oral)

  • ECIO 23rd European Conference on Integrated Optics. Bernard, Martino: Monolithic integration of photonic integrated circuits with silicon photodiodes (poster)

  • SPIE Photonics Europe 2022. Bernard, Martino: Integrating silicon detectors in a photonic chip (oral)

  • SPIE Photonics Europe 2022. Piccoli, Gioele: A silicon oxynitride platform for linear and nonlinear NIR photonics (oral)


  • SPIE Optics + Photonics 2021. Walther, Philip: Quantum machine learning, secure quantum computing and other applications using integrated quantum photonics. (invited)

  • SPIE Optics + Photonics 2021. Saggio, Valeria: Experimental quantum speed-up in reinforcement learning agents. (oral)

  • Nanoinnovation 2021. Saggio, Valeria: Demonstrating quantum speed-ups in reinforcement learning using an integrated photonic processor. (oral)


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